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501 W Fabyan Pkwy

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15s & 16s National Program
email for more information

SEPTEMBER 24TH / 2:00pm-3:30p
11s - 14s ONLY

Registration is OPEN for make up tryout

AUGUST 27 - Sunday Position Age/Grade
ALL 13s Programs ALL 13s / 7th
ALL 14s Programs ALL 14s / 8th
ALL 11-12 Programs ALL 11s-12s / 5th-6th

2023-24 Program Costs & Information Packets
available below

15s - 16s NATIONAL by position
email for more information

Why July?

At Club Fusion we want to provide our athletes and families the stability and comfort of knowing what the next club season will hold.  Holding our Tryouts in July gives our athletes the ability to focus on their respective school seasons and not worry about the club season.  This will also allow athletes to know their 2023-24 club program make-up before their school season officially begins to help minimize distractions and alleviate club recruiting during the school season.  While this is newer to our area it was a big success the past two seasons.

July also creates an opportunity for our Fusion athletes to be provided with college recruiting assistance throughout the Fall to assist with college visits and the decision making process. We are here to help our Fusion athletes every step of the way!

What if I can’t make the July tryout date?  ALL players will need to register for the initial tryout date in their age division.  Additional tryouts for open positions maybe scheduled for a later date date & time that are to be announced.

Due to our facility limitations and product guarantee, we are exclusive in the number of athletes we can accept into our programs. At last summer’s tryout we accepted 460 athletes for 42 teams (out of over 600) into our Family. Although these numbers are humbling, it also means that our initial tryout dates are imperative in making the Club. IF we have positions available, we will hold individual evaluations after the initial tryout dates.  All players will need to register for and attend a tryout in their age division.

If you have any questions let us know.

Club Fusion Volleyball