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COVID-19 Info


updated 9/7/2020


There will be waivers available at the door,
that you can complete before entering facility.

Safety Steps to Return to Training

the Club Fusion safety procedures and preparedness plan

TEMPERATURE CHECKS                      

SOCIAL DISTANCING                              

EQUIPMENT SANTINZING                  

LIMITED RESTROOM USE                   



updated 10/20/20

Our safety protocols to date have been working quite well.
The change is only for the reason of additional safety and preparing to wear them in competitions in the future.

We wanted to update you on this new additional safety protocol going into effect Wednesday Oct 21, until further notice.

Going forward Club Fusion will be instituting the wearing of masks or face coverings:
1) when entering a facility
2) when gathering but still social distancing for instruction
3) when leaving a facility


All individuals entering the facility will be required to be cold/flu/COVID-19 symptom free for three days prior to entrance. If anyone is displaying any symptoms of the above, they must be kept home. If, upon their arrival or during their training time they display any of the symptoms of COVID or Flu they will be sent home immediately.

Statement on action to COVID19 cases.
If a player has been in what is considered "close contact" and is within 48 hours has shown symptoms or tested positive for COVID19, that player will need sit out 10 days or will need to have 2 negative tests to return to participate.
Close contact means you were within 6 feet of a person with COVID-19 for at least 15 minutes. (CDC)
If a player shows symptoms or tests positive on a Saturday, but your last practice was Wednesday, the team can carry on but the player with the symptoms or a positive test cannot. 
If "close contact" has occurred, then those individual players must sitout and be symptom free for 72 hours or have a negative test.

Club Fusion will sanitize the entire facility, along with equipment, floors, etc., and notify any players that were within close proximity of the player in question.

COVID19 Safety Procedures and Preparedness Plan

update 9/7/20
The following  policies
,  practices and  conditions are set forth to incorporate guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  the  Illinois Department of  Health JOH ), and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA} into our daily practices at the Club Fusion Training Center.

Knowing that eliminating all risk is impossible, Club Fusion Volleyball is committed to providing an environment that is as safe and healthy as reasonably possible for all coaches, athletes and families.  It is to that end, we have developed the following Safety Procedures and Preparedness Plan in response to the COVID-19 virus and other flu virus. We will continually monitor the COVID-19 pandemic; and as it evolves the below policies and procedures will be modified.  Any changes to the policies and procedures will be posted to this page as well as announced to our coaches and families. 

By attending any practice, camp, rep session, competition, or lesson with Club Fusion Volleyball, all adults and guardians of minors asumme all risks associated with participation including but not limited to exposure to COVID -19.  [Exposure to COVJD -19 can lead to temporary or permanent health consequences, including death.]

All coaches, athletes, and guardians will be required to sign the "Assumption of Risk and Liability Waiver."  All are willingly agreeing  to comply with all aspects of the below Safety Procedures and Prepar edness Plan . Any violations by athletes can result in revocation of facility usage privileges with no refunds given.  Any violations by coaches can result in termination.

Club Directors, coaches, athletes and families are all responsible for implementing and complying with all aspects of the policies and procedures in this plan. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our facility, and that requires full cooperation. Club Fusion Volleyball's staff is charged with enforcing the policies and this plan during their scheduled training times, with Club Fusion Volleyball's directors responsible for further disciplinary actions.

Facility Layout via Zones for Social Distancing
Club Fusion Volleyball will NOT be open for public use. No parents, siblings, spectators or any additional individuals will be allowed in the building without prior approval.
Club Fusion Volleyball will be physically divided into zones with separate entrances and separate restrooms. Once in thfacility, individuals will be assigned their own personal zone.
The below details will indicate zoning areas in the Club Fusion Training Center:
Zone 1 (Volleyball Court 1): Approximately 3,520 square feet.  
Zone 2 (Volleyball Court 2):
Approximately 3,520 square feet.
Zone 3 (Volleyball Court 3): Approximately 3,520 square feet.
Zone 4 (Office Area): Designated office area for quarantine of any coach or athlete that enters with temp or begins not feeling well during practice.
Zone 5 (Restroom): Restroom use will be limited to "emergency" use only.  Area will be cleaned after each use.

After each practice session, the facility will be emptied and all equipment, floors, and touched surfaces will be sanitized prior to allowing coaches and athletes to enter for the next scheduled practice. 15-20 minutes will be scheduled before and after each practice to allowing for cleaning and then athlete/coach departure.
Social distancing signs will be displayed at the Club Fusion Training Center along with appropriately labeled sanitizing zones.

Procedure for Pre-Arrival, Check In and Departure 
It is recommended that coaches and athletes wear face covering upon entering and leaving the facility and when not in their assigned zone.  Coaches and athletes will only be allowed entrance into the Fusion-Batavia Training Center within a 5-minute posted time window prior to their scheduled session; absolutely NO earlier NO later. You must be on time to be allowed to enter.  DO NOT congregate outside your entrance/exit door. Stay in your car until you are cleared to enter.

Coaches and athletes are required to enter at the assigned zone door. Coaches and athletes will NOT be admitted if they attempt to enter through a non-assigned door.  Coaches and athletes will be greeted by an assigned Club Fusion Volleyball staff member that will instruct all upon entering to hand sanitize.  Coaches and athletes will then have their attendance documented and temperature taken. 
It is requested that all 
Coaches and athletes entering the facility leave all extra items such as purses/ school bags, additional clothes, shoes and all other personal items locked in their car. It is recommended to leave all items of value at home. Exit your vehicle ready for training except for shoes. Bring plenty of water. There will not be availability to refill water bottles.
Once in the gym all coaches and athletes will proceed to their personal area and will make final preparations to enter their assigned court area by sanitizing hands and arms again.

All drills utilized within practice will be developed by trainers to assure a cohesive training method with a strong emphasis on social distancing.  Before leaving the court for any reason, all coaches and athletes will be directed to their appropriated sanitation zone to sanitize hands and arms.
Drinking fountains will be turned off.  Athletes will be required to bring their own, FULL, water bottle or extra water and keep their water in a socially distanced box labeled  against the wall at the back of every court.
All doors on the interior of the facility that lead to restrooms will bepropped open to reduce contact with handles.
All volleyballs and ball carts will be disinfected before each practice. No handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, nor other physical interaction.
All huddles and coaching will occur with a minimum of 6' of distance between all athletes and coaches.

Players and coaches will leave thru the assigned exit door after practice.  We encourage all to sanitize hands once again on the way out of the facility.