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Why Club Fusion?

We realize that there are hundreds of clubs in Northern Illinois.  Why choose us?  Since 1999, we have worked hard to combine the best attributes in club volleyball as well as be an innovative leader in the sport.  Here are just some of the things we do:

  • Convenient locations throughout Northern Illinois
  • Offer multiple program tiers for every level of player; allows for seamless advancement from one program to the next
  • Focus on individual player development through a developed and focused training program designed for every level
  • Have outstanding team results locally, regionally and nationally
  • Consistent training model for all teams/players in each program
  • Create a manageable practice schedule; we want players to have balance in their lives and assist families with busy schedules
  • Coaches & Lead Trainers that get to know each player in the program to assist in their development
  • Professional and experienced Executive Team & Coaching Team
  • Dedicated volleyball training facilities
  • An understanding that training, results and fun can be accomplished;  these are not mutually exclusive
  • Camps/Clinics/Lessons & more to further assist player development
  • A desire to create a family atmosphere within our Executive Team, Coaching team, teams, players and parents.
  • High profile among local middle school and high schools
  • Dedicated recruiting director/counselor and recruiting tools
  • Dedicated staff to assist families in every step along the way

Our Mission

Our mission statement encompasses all that Club Fusion Volleyball is about … Rise Above!  Established in 1999, Club Fusion Volleyball sought to become one of the nation’s best volleyball clubs and has accomplished this goal through striving each year to follow our mission statement.

Player Development
Club Fusion is considered one of the top player development programs in the country.  Our focus on developing each player regardless of which team they are on or program they are a part of sets us apart from our competition.  Many clubs focus solely on their top teams while their lower teams or regional programs are simply ignored.  That is not the case at Club Fusion.  Each program has a group of Lead Trainers that focus solely on the players skill set. Our training methods focus on skill and positional development throughout the training cycles.  They work with our coaching staff to identify each players potential and create a systematic approach to helping the players reach their goals.

Each season we introduce new training concepts, equipment and planning to continue to advance our athletes in all programs.

College Recruiting
Our success in training our players to play at the collegiate level is simply the best!  In 2016, Club Fusion was the #1 ranked club volleyball program in the nation with 29 seniors receiving scholarships to play collegiate volleyball!   Since 1999, Club Fusion is the 2nd ranked program overall in recruiting.  That level of success cannot be ignored.  The combination of training, exposure, knowledge and support has made Club Fusion the top destination for players seeking play at the next level. 

Each season we spend countless hours working with players and their families to reach their goals.

Championship Teams
We believe that by developing the individual players, our teams will ultimately succeed.  Without question, our approach works!  Our top teams are consistently ranked nationally and compete year in and year out for National Championships.   It isn’t just our National Program teams that perform, however.  Teams throughout our program compete every week for tournament championships and improve as the season continues.  A big reason for that success is Club Fusion’s philosophy of putting our teams in the best possible competition relative to their level.

For our National Program  and Travel Program teams, this means playing in the Windy City Power League as well as several multi-day events throughout the Midwest during the season.  This schedule has proven to give players not only maximum exposure for recruiting, but also pushing teams to compete for National Championships every year.  

For our Select Program teams, starting with the 2017 season, we entered them into the Chicago Volleyball League.   This league was a perfect fit for these teams and gave them wonderful opportunities to compete with teams across the region week in and week out.

Each season we seek the best competition so that our teams can continue to meet expectations.

Club Leadership
When it comes to club leadership, Club Fusion has it covered. Owner Bill Milborn founded Club Fusion in 1999.  Bill also has served as the President of the Junior Volleyball Association, at at present is the Treasure. His experience, success and devotion to the sport of volleyball is evident in every facet of the program.

In addition, Club Fusion has a dedicated full-time staff that supports the families, the players and the coaching staff throughout the season.   
The year of 2018 saw many changes and improvements coming to the organization.  Dave Soller is charge as the Managing Director of Volleyball Operations.  Mike Bui has stepped into the role as the Club Representative/Public Relations.  Jamie DiMaggio is the Director of the Fusion Volleyball Academy.  Jennifer Charles is the College Recruiting Advisor.  There are several more exciting changes to come in.  It will be another exciting year!

Location Representatives
With three locations, it is imperative that we hire and retain qualified and talented individuals to manage each program throughout the year.  The Location Representatives are Club Fusion’s engine and our direct connection to our families at each location.

Coaching Staff
Club Fusion’s most valuable resource is our highly trained and professional coaching staff.  Our coaching staff have rich backgrounds in the sport of volleyball.  We have former players, high school coaches, former college coaches and long-time club coaches that make up one of the best coaching staffs in the country.   Visit our location websites for more information on the coaching staff at each location. 


Like most clubs, Club Fusion started out small.  In 1999, the club was formed by current owner Bill Milborn.

With the help of legendary high school coach, Larry Kahl, the club held its first tryouts in the Huntley High School gymnasium.  To our surprise, nearly 100 players came into the gym.  After the dust settled, Club Fusion had 8 teams in their first year.

In 2001, the club outgrew the use of the local schools and moved to a sports dome located in Elgin, IL.  The club's grow continued at a fast pace.  In 2003, Milborn made the decision to build the Fusion Sports Center to give Club Fusion a home.  The 4 court facility has served as the hub of Club Fusion and houses the administrative offices of the organization.

As the club continued to grow, the owners made the bold decision to open satellite locations.  After several iterations, the club settled on the 3 locations we currently have today in Marengo, Batavia, and Crystal Lake.  With over 80 teams in addition to the 600 youth academy players in 2016, Club Fusion is one of the largest and most successful volleyball clubs in the nation.

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Administrative Offices:
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