Information From Woodside Sports Group

There are two documents to help you with lodging. The first document spells out our lodging guidelines.

First, let me remind you to book your reservations DIRECTLY with the hotel.  Please do not go through a third party like Expedia, Hotel Planner, etc.

You will then go to our website click on lodging. There you will find links to all of our partners. Per the guidelines make your reservation(s). Complete a registration form and you're all set.

On the lodging tab you will also find some FAQ and the registration form.

The second document attached is currently a work in progress and is not complete. On this spreadsheet you will find our partners based on location to the fields and what amenities they offer. Updates will be published as they are received.

As far as staying at more than one hotel:

Most of the larger hotels have a 8-10 room block minimum for groups.  If families are staying at the smaller hotels they do not need to block rooms they can just use the code Woodside15 to get the best rate.

I hope this will help you, if you need anything else please reach out to Jillian Surman the Lodging Director at Woodside,

Housing Registration Form

This form may be used for the entire team, if they stay overnight together, or if your club players stay with their family each family can use this form as well.